Occultica Videoworks is a custom editing service that helps spice up your music posts. Or any social post for that matter, even if you aren't an artist. All you need to provide is the audio source and we will do the rest.

There are two formats; social and multi.


  • Social format includes two 30 sec clips ready for an instagram post at a 5 by 4 ratio.

  • Multi-format will include the social format posts plus a landscape version that lasts the entire duration fully usable as a visualizer.


Simply pick one, two, or all of the styles listed below to get your edit started!

choose your style









$50 for social. $170 for multi-format.

*Note: Options marked with an asterisk (*) should be monetized at your own risk. We are not selling you the "video," but instead the editing service. These will be fine to be posted on any platform as fair use, but when monetizing the content on platforms such as Youtube, you may encounter copyright claims. You as the content holder will be solely responsible for clearing any claims if you wish to continue monitizing the content.



*Note: Turn around time for most projects is 2-3 days once accepted. After payment is verified, you will receive a PDF file documenting what is needed to begin the editing process. This should not take more than one business day. Please feel free to use the contact page if you have any questions or concerns. Feel free to join the mailing list for periodic discounts and more.


By purchasing this service, you agree to our