Mix and Master Agreement

1. ENGAGEMENT: Mixing Engineer shall perform tuning, mixing and mastering of the songs to be used by the Producer.

2. PROCEDURE: Mixing Engineer shall deliver to Producer upon completion, a full mixed, edited, and equalized Master in both WAV and MP3 format to the satisfaction of the Producer. Mixing Engineer shall act diligently in completion of the Master. 

3. COMPENSATION: Producer shall pay Mixing Engineer the following for his services in this Agreement: $85. (Eighty five dollars, USD.) A payment of $85 (Eighty Five dollars, USD) per song to be tuned, Mixed and Mastered by Mixing Engineer.

4. COPYRIGHTS : Each Song listed in this Agreement, will be considered a work made for hire for Producer, if any such Song is deemed not to be a work made for hire, all rights, title and interest in the Master which are attributable to the Mixing Engineer’s participation in its authorship will be deemed transferred to Producer by this Agreement and this Agreement may be filed with the Register of Copyright as an official transfer of copyright if such be necessary.


     All Songs Listed under this Agreement, from the inception and Records derived therefrom, shall be the sole property of Producer, free from any claims whatsoever by Mixing Engineer or any other person; and Producer shall have the exclusive right to claim ownership of and register the copyright to those Masters in his name or the owner and author of them to secure any and all renewals and extensions of such copyright throughout the world.