In-depth, personal mastering.

Detailed mix feedback, multiple drafts, and fast turn around times ensures Masterworks can be tailored to any artist's style and schedule. This is not an automated mastering process.

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No A.I. gimmicks.

Comprehensive mixdown of stems before the final mastering process ensures professional sound without compromise. Using artist feedback and references, the final master is not only technically finished, but artistically finished. 

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I am a big fan of working with Will because he delivers every single time. He does great work on every track and has helped me realize my vision for each final body of work. I can always count on him to be responsive and timely, which is a huge plus for those on a tight release schedule. 10/10 would recommend!

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Terra Cotta

"I've really appreciated working with Lichwood on my tracks. Not only did they bring out the best in my mixdowns, but the process itself really helped me learn a lot about how to best prepare my stems. The communication really helps me define exactly what my goals for a given track are and the results really shine!"

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"Lichwood does amazing work. Will is very professional, quick to respond, and takes every bit of feedback very seriously. He has not only made my aggressive death tracks sound amazing, but also educated me on the more technical points of the process. I'm lucky to have found his services as it is great to lean on someone to polish my products and add that studio touch."





$85 per.

*Note: Turn around time for most projects is 2-3 days once accepted. Revisions are offered for 30 days after initial mastering work is done. After payment is verified, you will receive a PDF file documenting what is needed to begin the mastering work. This should not take more than one business day. Please feel free to use the contact page if you have any questions or concerns. You can also download the pdf here. Feel free to join the mailing list for periodic discounts and more.


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